Labor Law

Labor Law

Codex assists both employers and employees in order to reduce workplace law risk. When it comes to challenges such as acquisitions, re-organizations, work disputes, and legal contracts, we are your first-rate partner. We help you stay informed about legal trends, judicial developments, as well as statutory and regulatory compliance.

Do you provide your employees with written contracts?

Norwegian law requires you to provide a written contract for all types of employment. Moreover, if the employment exceeds the duration of one month, you as an employer are required to offer your employees a written contract as soon as possible, but no later than one month after the employment has commenced. This means that, under Norwegian law, the written work contract is the cornerstone of any employment relationship.

Due to its crucial role in the workplace, any work contract constitutes the basis for the settlement of potential labor disputes. It is therefore essential that contracts are adequately assessed before signing.

We help you devise solid employment contracts

Codex helps you devise employment contracts. We have extensive experience drafting non-competition clauses and other essential elements that belong into a legally solid contract. This will help you avoid legal sanctions in the future - but more importantly, it will both resolve existing work-related conflicts, as well as prevent future ones.

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