Privacy Policy and Use of Cookies

By: Codex Advokat

Date: 02.03.20

User privacy is important to Codex Advokat. We protect your privacy according to current laws and regulation. This privacy policy applies to all Codex websites.

Et eldre ektepar spiser kaker mens de kikker på personvernserklæringen vår.

Codex Advokat Oslo AS (org.no. 995 684 926) is the processor for personal information collected on the following websites:

  • codex.no
  • rettighetsadvokater.no
  • arbeidsrettsadvokater.no
  • eiendomsadvokater.no, personskadeadvokater.no
  • rettighetsadvokater.no
  • transaksjonsadvokater.no
  • familierettsadvokater.no
  • entrepriserettsadvokater.no

Personal data that is processed

Personal data that is processed Codex collects personal information such as name, email and phone number, as well as IP-addresses and information regarding your use of the website including which subpages are visited, Browser settings etc. In addition to this we collect the information you give us in the contact form. Through our own and our collaborators' cookies, we gather information regarding your Internet use to recognize you on our own and other services.

We urge our users not to give sensitive personal information, for instance regarding health, religious beliefs, political convictions, sexual relations or those concerning criminal convictions and criminal offenses in our contact forms.

How information is collected

Codex collects information through forms on our websites and through website visits via cookies. Giving this information is voluntary. If you choose not to give personal information we may be prevented from providing you access to the product or service. You can control cookies through your Internet settings and other tools.
Examples of forms:

  • Contact forms
  • Buying a product or service via our website
  • Registration for courses
  • Downloading documents as e-books from our websites
  • Registration to receive our newsletters or blogs on email

Codex sometimes assembles our collected information with information on the Internet and from our collaborators, to target our marketing.

The purpose of collecting information

  • To improve our websites' functionality and to provide personalized services based on user needs and interests
  • To provide access to our products and services
  • To provide you with relevant information in other ways, such as online, through email and by phone
  • To contact you, and offer our products and services, including legal services

We create profiles based on the information that is collected, to offer you the most relevant products and provide good customer service. The processing of your data is based on your consent.

How is the information stored?

Information collected through our forms on our websites and cookies, is stored in our own CRM-system and other systems of ours, as well as in our collaborators' systems, to fulfill the purpose of the collection.

When is the information deleted?

We process the information until you give us notification that you wish we delete the information or yourself, or until we ourselves find it expedient. You can reach us at any time to demand yourself erased by contacting us at oslo@codex.no or by calling +47 22 93 38 50.

Recipients of the information

Codex collects information solemnly for our own purposes. Personal information is not shared with outsiders, but Codex may use a subcontractor to deliver all or parts of the website. Codex also uses external, professional collaborators for marketing purposes such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. Such subcontractors and collaborators may process personal information on behalf of Codex. Subcontractors and collaborators sojourn in Norway, EU and other EU-approved countries and businesses where your rights are safeguarded.


You are entitled to know what personal information we have collected and how it is processed. You may also demand correction, deletion or limitations in the processing of your personal information according to the Norwegian Personal Data Act and EU GDPR. The processing of your personal information is based on your consent, which you can withdraw at any given moment. If you believe that Codex Oslo AS has acted in a manner which is in conflict with your rights according to the Personal Data Act, you have the right to file a complaint to the appropriate supervisory authority. This is done by sending a complaint to Datatilsynet, the contact information is available at www.datatilsynet.no.

Particularly on the use of cookies

By using our websites, cf. above, you consent to applying cookies to your browser. If you do not accept our use of cookies, you may withdraw your consent by changing the settings in your browser. However, we note that this means that the services on our website may not work optimally.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small computer file that is placed in your browser to keep oversight of what happens during your visit and to recognize your computer. A cookie is not a program and does not contain a virus. You can read more about cookies on this website: www.nettvett.no.

Cookies used by Codex Advokat

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that is delivered by Google, Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze how users utilize the website. Codex uses anonymizeip, which removes parts of your IP address. Therefore, the information generated by such a cookie using the site in question does not contain your IP address and you can not be identified. The capsule information, ie without personal information, is sent to Google and stored on servers in the United States. Google utilizes this information to appraise the use of the website, compile reports regarding activities on the website for the owner, and to provide other services in connection to activities on the website and use of the Internet. Google may also transfer this information to third-parties if this is required by law or in situations where third-parties process information on behalf of Google. Our digital supplier Synlighet AS and ourselves, utilize Google Analytics to analyze the use of our websites. Among other things, we receive information on which websites are the most visited, where our users come from and at what times the websites are the most visited. The data that is collected is used to improve the websites functionality and ease based on user needs and interests.

Google Tag Manager

This website uses Google Tag Manager, which utilizes cookies for controlling and implementation of script. Google Tag Manager is a service that allows our digital suppliers to organize script easily on our websites. For instance Google Analytics script is handled through Google Tag Manager.


Hubspot uses the following cookies (external website). When you visit our website, cookies will track you anonymously until you submit your contact information in one of our forms and give us your consent to indirect/direct marketing. The consent means that the information you provide can be linked to the information that previously has been anonymous about your use of our website. If you want more information about how this works, you can read more at HubSpot.com (external website).

Contact information

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