Corporate Law

Corporate Law

We analyze the legal issues and the business objectives of our corporate clients to develop a strategy that takes both into account. We assist with transactions, contracts, tax, and other issues related to corporate law.

Who we are

Codex has advised a number of national and foreign companies over the years. This has given us and our customers a well of valuable knowledge about company operations at a high level.

Our corporate platform c-All is our own proprietary platform for businesses. c-All is a superior portfolio management system that is 100% web-oriented, which makes it simple as well as time- and cost-effective.

What we offer

  • Tax
  • VAT
  • Transaction
  • Merger and acquisition
  • Shareholders Agreement
  • Shareholders Agreement - Corporate

A Note on Shareholders Agreements

If your company has several shareholders, we recommend making a Shareholders Agreement. A good Shareholders Agreement ensures both the company and the individual shareholder's needs.

The following issues can be regulated in a Shareholders Agreement:

  • The purpose for the company and its shareholders
  • What happens when a shareholder sells his/her shares?
  • Future shareholders
  • Agreements between the company and its shareholders
  • Ensure that outsiders do not acquire shares
  • What happens in case of non compliance with the agreed terms?
  • Conflict Resolution

We have extensive experience advising on such issues. Our experienced business lawyers see the needs and adapt the agreement to each company's and each shareholder's needs.