About us

Codex assists you both with private and business matters. You will find that we are professional and enthusiastic. To help you with the law in the best possible way. That's what we're here for.

About Codex Advokat

Who we are

Our entire society is rooted in duties and rights. But the solutions are also found in laws, regulations, and between people.

What we stand for

What would you do if your rights were lost? The right to say what you mean or the right to think freely? It might be hard to imagine, but this is the reality in many places around the world.

Codex takes a stand for your rights, and for a society where the law is equal to all.

Codex is recognized by the UN as climate neutral, as the first law firm in the world. For Codex this is about corporate social responsibility. At the same time as Codex is an innovative and forward-thinking law firm, we work for sustainability and combat climate change - both locally and globally.

Our offices in Oslo