Trademark registration in Norway and EU

Trademarks gain protection by either protracted use leading to a high market recognition or registration.

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Main points about trademark registration in Norway and EU:

Our advice

Our advice is simple: Register trademarks to avoid infringement claims and to secure what can be the company's most valuable asset.

Companies that only operate nationally register their marks primarily with their home registration authority and the protection so achieved only applies nationally.

Many companies carry out business internationally with goods crossing transnational borders on a day to day basis. Companies on the internet carry out business in many different countries given the absence of geographical borders.

If your company is present in different European markets we recommend registering your trademark for the entire European Union with a single application to the EUIPO.

Trademarks need to fulfill certain requirements to qualify for registration such as:

  • Distinctiveness: your trademark must be able to differentiate your goods/services from others
  • The mark must be applied for specific products/services in classes.
  • The sign must not be confusingly similar to other protected trademarks, trade signs
  • The sign must not be deceptive
  • The sign must not infringe on certain public or collective interests, such as nation flags, or indications of origin.

A trademark application will include the mark and a list of the goods and services to which it applies. After the application has been filed it will be reviewed by examiners at the relevant trademark office and published to provide notoriety and also allow third parties a period in which to oppose the application.

If your trademark application encounters obstacles such an opposition or an absolute ground of objection we recommend you to engage with your IP lawyer for further advice.

Once registered, a trademark will be subject to maintenance fees (also known as renewal fees or annuities). In most countries, these fees must be paid every 10 years in order to keep the mark in force.

If you either wish at Norwegian trademark or a EU trademark, engage your Codex IP experts for advice in registering and protecting your brand or trade name with either the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) or the EUIPO.

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