Finding solutions for you

Building and Construction Law

We believe anyone who wants to succeed in the Norwegian building and construction industry will be best served in a long-term partnership with specialized lawyers. Codex has the expertise.

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Corporate Law

We analyze the legal issues and the business objectives of our corporate clients to develop a strategy that takes both into account. We assist with transactions, contracts, tax, and other issues related to corporate law.

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Labor Law

Codex assists both employers and employees in order to reduce workplace law risk. When it comes to challenges such as acquisitions, re-organizations, work disputes, and legal contracts, we are your first-rate partner.

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Technology, IPR and media

Codex has specialized in protection of all kind of intellectual property rights. We assist in portfolio management, with contracts and disputes. Further we assist in unfair competition matters and counterfeits.

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The Transparency Act

The Transparency Act also apply to foreign companies who offer gods and services in Norway and which are subject to to taxation in Norway and meets the criteria stated above relating to annual turnover, number of employees and balance.

Our tax and corporate team together with our expert on the Taxonomy and the Transparency Act will be able to assist foreign companies in becoming compliant with the legal regulations.

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